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RVbooking is the leading online marketplace for campground reservations. From glamping up in the trees of the Rocky Mountains, to pitching a tent seaside in St.Petersburg, we’re here to provide you with every type of camping experience out there.

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Our Story

Hi! We're glad you're here! This webpage will tell you all about how our founder came up with the idea for RVbooking, where it's going, and where we want it to eventually be. Much like an amazing camping experience, our story is about the journey as much as it is about the destination.

Humble beginnings

As a perpetual wanderer, I never thought I’d be here in this way. But because of life and the beautiful way it continues to unfold, I’ve found myself here, with you, telling my story. What follows is how I, an open-minded, nature-loving calligrapher, became the creator of an online software company working wholeheartedly to make camping easier, for everyone.

One moment changed everything

The saga started 3 years ago when all of a sudden I woke up one day and realized my happiness and freedom no longer existed within me, and my connection to the world I so valued and depended on had somehow dissolved along the way. I was heart-broken and confused, but the one thing I knew was that I had to leave it all behind, and fast. This moment rocked me so deeply to my core that I was moved to, well, move.

So that was it. Sometimes the most important decisions are the ones you make in an instant. I bought an Airstream with what was left in my savings account, packed up my calligraphy set, hitched my shiny new rig to the car and headed West. Alright, it was actually Northeast, but that doesn’t sound nearly as romantic and pioneering as I felt!

The mountains called

In an increasingly digital world it is hard to find the right time to join an online platform, or who to trust in doing so. At RVbooking we make sure that we are there to help guide our parks in the right direction, every step of the way - not based on what we think will work, but on what you tell us you need. Our consultative approach and continued investment in supporting our camping community is what sets us apart from other players. We’re truly here not only to help you get your park online, but to help invest in your park’s future growth overall.

Weathering the camping storm

Right off the bat I was struck with how difficult and time-consuming it was to find a place to park my little 15-foot trailer for longer than 2 nights. The concept sounds simple, but it sure was not easy. For over two months I drove on windy one-lane roads for hours at a time, hoping to find a spot. Repeatedly I settled for next to nothing because it was all that was available to me.
Running water became a rare luxury, not a birthright. No hookup? Same price take it or leave it. Need directions for the area? Good luck! Hoping to camp on a whim? Absolutely not. Wanting to pay on a credit card? We just have a wooden box for cash! Many campground owners weren’t listed on any search engine, and those I did find rarely picked up.

An idea blossoms

After having so many lackluster, confounding and concerning camping experiences in such a short time and small space, I just knew that things were supposed to be easier. Within these small moments of clarity amongst months of confusion is where RVbooking was born. Simple and easy.

The directions to the campsite could be streamlined and clear. You would know site availability with the click of a button. It could be simple to have safe and secure payment options on a platform that not only provides this clear information, but also can show you all the other campsites in the area too. I could know exactly what was available to me and for how long allowing me to plan my stays weeks in advance but also seamlessly pivot on a dime.

A solution for everyone

However, this idea wasn’t born just out of my selfish needs as a camper. I also realized that campground owners were out here for the same reasons I was: peace and quiet, connection, and some good old fashioned fresh air. They too needed a system that could serve them properly so we could all spend more time doing what we came here for and less time worrying about the details.

Think live dashboards of incoming and outgoing traffic, free exposure to campers and quick and easy payment options: a solution for everyone involved.
What brings us out into nature varies from person to person. However, we all share the same hope... to escape, unwind, and realign. Coming back to nature as you leave all else behind - whether for a long weekend or a lifetime -is the key to it all. At RVbooking, we believe that connecting with nature should come naturally.

Our values

What we stand for

Mission Statement

RVbooking was founded under the belief that connecting back to nature should be simple and easy. With access to our leading marketplace for instant bookings anywhere, our passionate team created accessible, intuitive software and services that work to streamline the logistics of adventure, benefitting both campers and campground owners. Now, everyone can focus more on their 'why' and not on their 'how.'

Vision Statement

To be the largest leading marketplace for online campground reservations by empowering people to get outside without a hitch and building a strong community of parks to enable owners to reclaim their business in an increasingly virtual world.

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We pride ourselves in our online marketplace of campgrounds to provide instant booking and endless possibilities for campers around the world.

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We offer connection with integrated hosts, who provide a robust property management software system for campground owners to work seamlessly with their front and back-end operations.

Open API Integration - Professional

With our marketplace first in mind, we provide the opportunity for every campground to have a listing on our website with our open application programming interface (API).

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